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Nisha Dubey Biography

Nisha Dubey is a  female Bhojpuri Singer and Actress of Bhojpuri Cinema. Nisha Dubey was born on 7th August 1999 from Buxar, Bihar. She is a very famous Bhojpuri singer in Bhojpuri music industry. Nisha is debut as actor in the film ‘Dildar Sajna’ with Arvind Akela ‘Kallu’.She is married and her husbane name is Arvind Akela (Kallu).She has worked many blockbuster movies including ‘Dildar Sajna’ With Arvind Akela ‘Kallu’ and others.

Nisha Dubey Actress Personal Information(Biodata)

Real Name Nisha Dubey
Nick Name Nisha
Date of Birth 7th August 1999
Place of Birth Buxar Bihar, India
Age 18 Years(as in 2016)
Body Shape Hourglass
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 5’4″
Waist Size 28 inches
Hip Size 35 inches
Bra Size 33 C
Marriage Status Marriage With Arvind Akela ‘Kallu’
Profession Bhojpuri Actress & Singer
Nationality Indian
Languages  Hindi & Bhojpuri
Wikipedia page  N/A

Nisha Dubey 
List of Upcoming Bhojpuri Movies in  2017

Years Movie Name Co. Actor and Actress
2017 Rudra Yaskh Kumar Mishra, Tanushree, Nisha Dubey, Awadhesh Mishra, Manoj Tiger, Kiran Yadav
2017 Nache Nagin Gali Gali Ritesh Pandey, Priyanka Pandit, Nisha Dubey

                               Nisha Dubey Actress Filmography & Total films List

Years Movie Name Co. Actor and Actress
2015 Dildar Sajna Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
2016 Dil Bhail Deewana Arvind Akela Kallu

Nisha Dubey Albums List

Nisha Dubey All Bhojpuri Music Albums List of 2012 to 2016 :

Years Movie Name Co. Music Artis (Singer)
2016 Lasar Fasar Holi Me (Holi) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
2015 Sajal Ghat Chhathi Mai Ke (Chhath) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Saj Gail Mai Darbar (Bolbam) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Jai Ho Maiya Sherawali (Navratri) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Ae Maiya Sherawali (Navratri) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Dhoom Machal Ba Holi Me (Holi) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Chatkar Gawai Holi (Holi) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Sara Ra Ra Holi Ha (Holi) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Chadhal Ba Holi (Holi) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Colorfull Holi (Holi) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Choli Brand Holi (Holi) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Bada Hot Lageli (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Jila Top Lageli (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Ticket Honymoon Ke (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Gavana Karake Saiyan (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Chutputiya Batam Wali (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Choliya Ke Hook (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
High Voltage Wali (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Madam Style Mareli (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Love Ke Tonic (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Lemon Chus Lageli (Romantic) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Supar Fast Kawariya (Kanwa) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Ticket Katala Baba Dham Ke (Kanwa) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Kanwariya Is Ready Sawan Me (Kanwa) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Kailash King Bhole Nath (Kanwa) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
High Court Bhole Nath Ke (Kanwa) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Devghar Housefull Bhail Ba (Kanwa) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu
Tari Wali Tari Piyade (Lok geet) Arvind Akela ‘Kallu

Nisha Dubey and Arvind Akela ‘Kallu’ Photo